Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

Herman & Miriam Tauber Academy

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Under the leadership of Director, Cindy Behar, leads a team of Teachers are who are encouraged to use a wide variety of teaching strategies, groupings, and materials to help children learn the knowledge and skills specified in the Preschool Sequence.

Core Knowledge Preschool Professional Development provides teachers with many options for teaching each area of the Preschool Sequence, including planning activities for large and small group instruction, incorporating learning into center play, and so on. It is important not to confuse or equate the precision and specificity of the knowledge and skills of the Preschool Sequence with ineffective teaching methods, such as rote learning and isolated drill or the copious use of ditto sheets.

All faculty members have completed all childcare training required by the state of Florida Department of Children and Families 80% of the faculty have bachelor's degrees in education.

Along with all of the enriching activities we include in our curriculum, I am pleased to announce the addition of our Early Childhood Media Center, located on the second floor of our campus. The new Media Center incorporates both printed and digital resources. Filled with award winning books and interactive story boards, we have created an atmosphere which encourages creativity and exploration. Students can discover, investigate, express themselves, or let their imaginations take flight, in a cozy and bright environment designed for our young scholars. During their scheduled class time, the children will learn how to use the many resources available to “Discover the World” and themselves!




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