B'nai Mitzvah

This journey through the Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation will include several meaningful meetings that will give students the knowledge of Jewish concepts, promote questions about their identity as Jews and as part of the People of Israel, and provide a look at the Jewish sources as our common culture. The preparation will also include Hebrew instruction, training for leading religious services and personal tutoring for reading their specific Parashah Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Program Outline


The Jewish Educational Program

s our Newly designed semester program for children ages 10 to 13 years old. It’s a once a week session, oriented in learning and understanding what it really means to be B’nai Mitzvah. ATJC offers dynamic and attractive activities to engage students, teaching them what it truly means to be a Jew and give them an approach to Judaism. 

  • Main Discussion topics: Why am I doing my Bar/Bat Mitzvah and what does it mean? What prayers do we have in Judaism and where can we find them? What are the symbols at the synagogue? What are Tallit and the Tefillin, why do we wear them?


Hebrew Reading Readiness

ATJC offers a weekly Hebrew reading program, this class is aimed at teaching the Hebrew reading fundamentals in a fast and dynamic way.  The student may be exempt, should they already read and speak Hebrew.

Prayers classes

Prayer is offered once a week for those students who have completed their formal Jewish studies and are in the final stages of preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Once the student conclude this semester program, they will be able to lead a prayer.


Personal tutoring sessions

One on One personal tutoring sessions are designed to allow students to focus on his or her specific Parashah. The tutor will meet with the student on a weekly basis to learn to chant their specific Torah/Haftarah portion and to write a meaningful D’var Torah to share the day of the simcha.  The tutoring sessions will take place at ATJC or on Zoom at an agreed time between the family and tutor.

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Once the students are finished their preparation, they are ready to be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah!  ATJC offers a variety of options so each family may find the best ceremony that suits them.

  1. Personal Ceremony at ATJC: Family are able to schedule their simcha each day we read the Torah, which is  Monday morning, Thursday morning, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah, or Chol HaMoed. 

  2. Ceremony in Israel: ATJC offers special ceremonies in Israel during our annual Family Mission to Israel.  Prepare your child in Aventura and travel with your family to celebrate the Bat/Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel in Jerusalem. We offer you different options from just the ceremony to an all-inclusive package traveling with the Rabbi. 

  3. Reception at ATJC: Find everything you need to make your ceremony even more beautiful for your guests at ATJC. We offer several options through our in-house caterer, from decor, delicious kosher food, magical lighting and more.

  4. Coming Soon - Community Bat Mitzvah: If your daughter prefers to do a community Bat Mitzvah ceremony with her friends, you will now have this opportunity at ATJC!   This program will be designed "Just for Girls" and will  allow a way for your daughter to share this experience explicitly designed for them; using innovative approaches to the study of traditional texts;  open discussions;


Roger Rosenthal

Assistant Director of B’nai Mitzvah, Teen and Ritual Education 

  • Adon Olam
    Amidah Shabbat
    Amidah Weekday
    Birkot Hashachar
    Ein Keloheinu
    Hadlakat Nerot
    Haftarah After
    Haftarah Before
    Kedushah Shabbat
    Otzahat HaTorah
    Psalm 150
    Torah Blessings