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Sell Your Hametz

Document of Permission - Shtar Harsha'ah


This symbolic sale is carried out by a rabbi whom you authorize by filling out a shtar harsha'ah, or document of permission. The rabbi then sells your hametz by writing a shtar m'khirah, or document of sale.  You should sell your hametz even if you will be away for the duration of the holiday.  In order to make your home kosher for Pesach you should: Sell your hametz by 10:00 am on Friday, March 26th .  Search your home (b’dikat hametz) on the evening of Thursday, March 25th. You can find details at the beginning of most haggadot.  On Friday, March 26th remove and burn all hametz by 10:30 am (see a haggadah for the text). Your home should be completely kosher for Pesach at this time.

During these challenging times, the synagogue receives numerous requests for urgent economic assistance from Jewish families in need.  It is customary upon the sale of your hametz via the Rabbi’s agency to contribute money to this effort. Please consider making a donation to help those in need.

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Erev Pesach (first evening, Saturday 27th):

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Shmini shel Pesach

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