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Erev Pesach (first evening, Saturday 27th):

FIRST SEDER - Reservations Only

First day of Pesach

Sunday, March 28th at 9:15AM on CLICK HERE TO JOIN ON ZOOM

Second Day of Pesach

Monday, March 29th at 8.30AM on CLICK HERE TO JOIN ON ZOOM

Hol HaMoed (Tue thru Fri 8.30AM) on CLICK HERE TO JOIN ON ZOOM

Shvi'i shel Pesach and Shabbat Evening

Friday, April 2nd at 6.30PM on FBOOK LIVE AND YOUTUBE

Shvii shel Pesach and Shabbat Morning

Saturday, April 3rd at 9:15AM on FBOOK LIVE AND YOUTUBE

Shmini shel Pesach

Sunday, April 4th / Yizkor recited 8.30AM) on FBOOK LIVE AND YOUTUBE

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