Praying with us

During these challenging times, we invite you to join us for meaningful prayer services led by our dedicated worship team. All are welcome in-person or online.


Worship Cantor

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Ritual Cantor

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Jack Kahn

Torah Reader


Shabbat Evening

The community is invited to join us each  for SHABBAT UNPLUGGED

Friday evenings at 7:00 PM in our Lebowitz Chapel.

Join us as we unplug to connect. 

No musical instruments.  

No online streaming.

No reservations needed. 

Masks Optional.

Lite supper served weekly.

    Talit and Torah

    Shabbat Morning

    Join us each Saturday morning at 9:15 AM in our magnificent Soffer Sanctuary for traditional and egalitarian services. No reservations needed.  Masks optional.

    Kiddush luncheon served weekly.

    Services are also streamed live on our website's homepage and also on Facebook  and YouTube.


    Please download to follow

    this service 

    "Shabbat Morning Prayerbook"

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    Wrapping Tefillin

    Weekday Minyan

    Join us for our weekday services held Sunday – Friday 8:30 AM in our Lebowitz Chapel.  Can't make it in person, join us on Zoom 



    Kaddish will be recited.

    No reservations needed.  Masks optional.  Bagels, coffee, and juice is served daily on non-fast days.

    Please download to follow this  service "Weekday Morning Prayerbook"

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