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Guido Cohen

Rabbi Cohen joined ATJC as a full member of our clergy team on September 1, 2017. He has a wide array of responsibilities ranging from youth and adult education, pastoral care, ritual, outreach and engagement. "I am a rabbi who views rabbinic leadership as an educational and spiritual service. I believe that Jewish Communities are the sacred space in which Judaism becomes meaningful and inspiring. For me, being a rabbi is leading such sacred space through teaching Torah and motivating others to find relevant meaning in our ancient wisdom that encourages us to fix our lives and our world".  Rabbi Guido Cohen


Rabbi Cohen was born in Buenos Aires on August, 1980. Since his early childhood, he was drawn towards Judaism through the strong influence of his grandparents. Rabbi Cohen served as the Senior Rabbi of the Asociacion Israelita Montefiore, a Conservative/Masorti congregation in Bogota, Colombia. He previously served as Rabbi and Director of Jewish Studies at the Colegio Tarbut in Buenos Aires, a Jewish Day school of more than 1500 students; and was the Assistant Rabbi at the Libertad Street Synagogue in Buenos Aires. Rabbi Cohen was ordained from the Seminario Rabinico Latino Americano, the Conservative Movement’s Latin American Rabbinical School; and is also a graduate of the Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Law. 


Rabbi Cohen enjoys traveling, watching movies and reading. His worldview, and Jewish theology is a bit eclectic: an alchemy of hasidic and neo-hasidic thinkers, blended with a bit of Heschel, Kaplan, Buber, Gillman and many others. He is married to Dafne and together they are raising three children, Tobías, Amós and Eden.


"My journey in life and all of the people mentioned deeply marked my soul and are somehow responsible for many of the ideas on this blog. If you have read or known any of this wise men, you will probably find in my modest writings a reflection of the footprint they left on my heart."  Rabbi Guido Cohen

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